David Brooks on Suffering – Parkinson’s Awareness Month

This essay by David Brooks is well worth a read.  We all suffer at times and when we’re fortunate, we learn from that pain.  One of the best lessons I learned in life having breast cancer at age 32 and later on Parkinson’s disease is that there is, more often than not, light at the end of dark tunnels.  Sometimes it’s a matter of believing that the light is there and that can be tough.  No one wants to suffer.  But we all do at some time.  I wouldn’t want to frame Parkinson’s disease as suffering, since there is so much more to the experience.  Yet, in the spirit of Parkinson’s Awareness Month I’m posting David Brook’s article.  No matter your politics, this is a very perceptive, moving and encouraging essay.  We all need that now and again.  Thanks for this one, David. http://nyti.ms/OANt46

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