Handling Put-Downs at Work

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, but back to home base.  My latest blog on Big Think takes a look at how to deal with put-downs.  Most of us drive home many days of each year thinking about what could have been said in challenging situations.  I wrote Comebacks at Work, with Chris Noblet, for those of you interested in the longer version of ways to make those days less frequent — how to respond effectively to offense and insult on-the-spot. But for a glimpse of a general approach to such situations, you might check out http://tinyurl.com/mohaxhx 

I’m planning to write more on this topic.  Back soon with that.  Also, if you stopped by after reading the Big Think blog, you might check out the “Categories” list in the right column of this page for more comebacks and ways of dealing with confrontation, choice points, dust ups and political games.

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