“Class Act” Revived at the DNC

The term “class act” came to mind repeatedly tonight as speaker after speaker stood at the Democratic National Convention podium and reminded us of what truly matters. And we probably needed it. Last week we witnessed consecutive rants about fear and strangers trying to steal our livelihoods. Not tonight. This evening was about America already being great. It was about coming together to do what’s right — no matter your political party affiliation, about trying, as President Obama said, even if it means making mistakes. Tonight was about the bigger picture presented to us with sincerity, piercing the bubble of hype.  It was about rejecting “malarkey,” as Joe Biden labeled the kind of faceless fear dished out daily by Donald Trump. It was a breath of fresh air. Most of all, it was good to see and hear exceptional speeches presented with admirable sincerity. Tonight we saw one class act after another. Let’s hope young people were watching because class is passed on. It’s something we learn from the people who raise us, who teach us and who inspire us. Tonight we were reminded that it is not a thing of the past.

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