That Sick Feeling in Every Woman’s Stomach

Today you may have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach courtesy of Donald Trump’s comments about women revealed this week. Perhaps you’re a woman who has wanted to believe that people who demean women and talk about them in disgusting ways can’t possibly be admired by anyone except a limited number of low life characters and the oblivious.

Certainly, a person like this couldn’t get anywhere near the U.S. presidency. And yet, here we are.

Donald Trump isn’t funny. Nothing he says or does is funny. Even his apologies amount to threats. He isn’t sorry for any other reason than having been caught on tape saying things about women that show who he really is.

This is not a man who simply has difficulty communicating with women.  He isn’t the type of person I’ve coached or written about in my HBR case “The Memo Every Woman Keeps in Her Desk” and They Don’t Get It, Do They?  He isn’t gender communication challenged. He’s not an example of men being from Mars and women from Venus.  He is a misogynist.

Anyone still cutting this guy slack hasn’t a leg to stand on anymore. No amount of finding fault with Hillary Clinton’s style or being uncomfortable with the idea of a woman president can justify supporting Donald Trump.  It took a long time for some Republicans to refuse him their support.  At least they had a threshold that could not be crossed.  At least they couldn’t laugh off what Trump had to say about how he manipulates and abuses women.  At least they share our disgust.

Some characteristics disqualify people from earning your support as a future leader of the free world no matter what your political affiliation.  Being a patriot is not about waving a flag, it’s about protecting your country and the world from people who simply have no conscience or moral fiber.

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  1. I’m afraid Trump typifies the type of guys who HAVE been the “leaders” for most of human history. How about Gilgamesh? How about the rape of the Sabine women? How about Genghis Kahn’s Y chromosome that is spread throughout Europe and Asia. How about Henry VIII killing half his wives and divorcing the others.
    I agree, we’ve come a long way. But we’ve still got a LONG way to go.
    FYI, check out this link to harassment of female medical students during training.

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