Why Does President Obama Not Mention Hillary?

I’ve been wondering this for a few weeks now. You’d think she died. I’ve been expecting to hear President Obama and Vice President Biden say “We had an exceptional candidate.” But, instead, nothing. What’s the story? ¬†Even in his last press conference today, again nothing.

President Obama and Michelle were in her corner toward the end of the campaign. Bill Clinton saved his campaign with his exceptional convention speech four years ago. President Obama whispered in Hillary’s ear a couple of months ago that he would be with her and yet here he is saying nothing about her.

Even if there are some hard feelings about whether he shared what he knew soon enough, he is the president. He can rise above those. And if there aren’t hard feeling between them, then let’s hear some praise for a race hard run. It’s the least the outgoing administration can do.

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2 Responses to Why Does President Obama Not Mention Hillary?

  1. This is misogyny “inaction” — plain and simple.

    Hillary was crucified, This is how misogyny towards women looks like, 2nd class citizens.

    She took the bullet for all women, like Jesus Christ she was sacrificed.

    Before the Nation’s eyes, she crashed and burned to smoke and ash and like the Phoenix, Hillary will rise!

    She should have gotten the Medal of Freedom instead of Joe Biden.

    “Stronger together, everybody does better, when, everybody does better.” Thank you, sweet Hillary, Madam “UnPresidented.”

    • Bravo, Sam Kingsland! Women who stick their necks out all too often have it chopped off. Not ladylike, you know. I’m still a pants-suit woman, and I hate the boob-displaying, see-through dresses that have become the current cultural norm. A beautiful (i.e., sexy) appearance seems to be the only “virtue” of value in a woman.

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