Painting with Parkinson’s

Perhaps you know someone with Parkinson’s disease. This month is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the disease. Parkinson’s associations around the world have encouraged people with PD, along with those whose lives are touched by it, to walk in the unity walks that were on April 11, create videos and do other things to raise awareness about the disease to help hasten a cure.

I used to have a website about painting for people with PD — or really anyone who likes art.  Keeping the brain active and engaged in creativity is good for all of us, but especially helpful with PD.  The brain’s pathways can be extended if we nudge them a bit.  New pathways can emerge with some nudging.

I didn’t paint until after my PD diagnosis — too busy as a parent, professor, author and social scientist and maybe not even ready to learn.  It’s been a gift to forge a new pathway along with writing fiction.

Hope you’ll stop by the painting site and share it with anyone affected by PD.  PD is not just a shaking and balance disease. It has many motor and non-motor symptoms — the latter involving digestion, cognition, eyesight, empathy, depression, autonomic issues, cramping, and others. It’s like a game of whack-a-mole beating each phase back as it arises.

Each person with PD has different phases at different times. So, it’s a tough nut to crack in terms of research. But much progress is being made.  We know exercise and creative endeavors make a huge difference in managing PD.

Hope you’ll stop by Painting Doc at

Have a lovely weekend. The weather is stunning here in West Cork. Kathleen

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