Why Republicans Get To Cry — continued

On “Huffington Post” today, I posted a blog:  Why Republicans Get To Cry.

The main point in that blog is that what seems to not be strategic often is exactly that. Otherwise, you have to wonder why John Boehner is suddenly willing to cry on national television. Sure, it’s possible that Boehner is simply unable to control his emotions and so decided to come clean and let people know.  After all, we’re about to see a lot more of him.  Some secrets are hard to keep.

Both strategic and nonstrategic explanations are likely to some extent accurate.  In any case, the speaker of the House is now being called the “weeper of the House.”  He saw a communication choice point, and didn’t use it wisely.

He’ll now go on the Letterman, Leno, Stewart and Colbert shows if he is using his head.  People will give him credit for that.

I’ll say one thing for his choice to let “60 Minutes” show him crying:  At least he’s experimenting with his communication options.  He probably thought it would endear people to him.  Among Democrats in leadership positions there is a palpable sense that communication is not a priority.  Learning how to communicate more effectively is seen as unnecessary or beneath them.  Meanwhile their opponents are widening their repertoire and, with the exception of this crying incident, that’s bound to serve them well.

P.S. For a more humorous take on John Boehner’s crying, you might want to stop by “The View.” Barbara Walters is not impressed.


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  1. gilrod says:

    Boehner crocodile tears:

    Don’t wish to be too dime store Freud, but I submit that any public figure who can cry on cue is a psychopath.

    Evangelists, for ex, do it frequently.

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