One Mind “Moonshot” Conference in Boston

Patrick Kennedy has gathered together many of the best and brightest scientists and advocates for mental health in Boston.  I’m sitting in the One Mind conference and with my own research and personal connections to this field, I’m still amazed at how much is possible — how close we are to helping so many.  It isn’t our knowledge limitations that stand in our way, but politics.  It isn’t our lack of desire, but the blindness of those who cannot see that they too will be touched by cognitive disorders even even if they and their families haven’t been as yet.  This is a time for coming together, Kennedy says.  And he and those working with him are putting their hearts and minds to the task. They go into it with their eyes open.  It will not be easy. Hopefully, though, they are launching a revolution just as healthcare and research in health are threatened from so many sides.  It’s bold and it’s important beyond measure.

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  1. Dr Hope Kellman says:

    The Pharma Insdustry must realize that the nature of the mind is a much bigger question than a drug to fix a neurological condition. Our minds and the nature of our minds has been studied thru deep contemplation and mediation. This must also be examined.

  2. Kiran says:

    Hi I am reading your book Combacks at Work and find it particularly useful in my working environment where my boss is a trouble-maker. The reorganization of our company means that we need to cut staff, and this trouble-maker was sent to our branch to get every body in trouble. She is a very aggressive talker and use all sorts of manipulation techniques to push staff to the corner. Her nasty techniques include escalating trivial matters to such severe level where the district manager were so concerned to sent her HR team to come and solve the issue. She likes to orally abuse staff in the meeting like saying someone short, fat or even old.
    She is horrible in all senses but the managerial people just like her guerrilla tactics. I hate to work…

    • admin says:

      Hope things have gotten better, Kiran. I’m glad Comebacks at Work is helping. Dealing with bullies in a business culture that encourages them is truly difficult. I’m not surprised you hate work. I’m wondering if there are others who think as you do with whom you might formulate a strategy. If this bully does things largely to exert power, then taking away her power to make you miserable is important. That means assessing what power she has over you and finding ways to limit it (e.g., going to another senior person for help on a project not to spite her but because that person is the best source).

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